hand made shoes
since 1890

The history of YANKO shoes

quality craftsmanship since 1980

Since 1890 several generations have YANKO company making shoes with a traditional process.
YANKO production is performed by a traditional artisan process with extensive knowledge gained through many years of experience in the sector. YANKO is one of the best companies that manufacture GoodYear shoes and is recognized worldwide for its quality and craftsmanship.
All production phases undergo strict and detailed quality control, which lets you create a fully warranted product in order to please the most selective and demanding consumers, to ensure that when they choose YANKO acquire one of the best shoes made the market and are manufactured by the most experienced craftsmen in Mallorca, SPAIN.

made in spain

In this new era, YANKO continues to promote "Made in Spain". Our shoes are still exclusively hand made on the island of Mallorca. More specifically in the town of Inca, a town that still conserves the valuable knowledge of excellent master leather craftsmen, who love their work and have achieved the highest level of excellence.

Specializing in "Goodyear Welted"

Goodyear stitching is the best method for making a good shoe. It is the oldest, most developed and most lasting method.
When we talk about sewing GOODYEAR, or DOUBLE STITCHED, we refer to an invented in England in 1869 by English craftsman Charles Goodyear process, which consists mainly of a double indoor-outdoor connecting the skin with floor sewn, this type of stitching means a guarantee of craftsmanship as it can not be done without human intervention. The GOODYEAR construction gives the shoe a unique comfort and adaptability to foot, as well as thermal insulation both cold and moisture, and heat.


Someone said in the film To Kill a Mockingbird that 'you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them.' After more than a hundred years, we have the experience to know the details of your steps, your footprints, your passions, and your desires. Thus a Yanko for each occasion.


Since 1980, successive generations of the Yanko compnay make shoes by traditional handmade process